Oh, by the way…I’m performing TONIGHT!

I’m terrible at promoting myself! I forget some of you fabulous folks may live in the ATL area. Tonight, I’ll be doing a performance/reading for Women’s History Month at Marlee’s Coffee and Tea in downtown Atlanta. If you can make it out, I promise I give good hugs and I don’t bite… hard.  

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#ThursdayLinkLove: A Little Freaknik, a Little Mary Jane, a Little Xtina

Fellow citizens of the Internet, allow me to extend my mea culpas for my relative absence this week. I learned a valuable lesson (again): Dara is not a superwoman. Nope. There is only so much room on my plate. When my husband leaves town for days on end, my creative world grinds to a slow but chaotic halt. I end up focusing on small triumphs, like remembering to feed and walk the dog and the toddler.

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little white lies

#TellMeTuesdays: Do You Tell These Little White Lies Guaranteed to Piss People Off?

Men lie, women lie, but the real treat is in how creative we all get when we’re framing our falsehoods. Oh, sure, we may even be deluded enough to think we’re not lying. But most of the time we know it because the offense gives itself away in the setup. Worse, we recognize these lies in everyone else’s words but ours. Come clean, my peoples; do you tell these little white lies?

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i hate monday

Oscars studs and duds (OR: I hate Mondays)

You GUYYYYS! I hate Mondays. I totally had something all ready for today and then my body just said NAWL. So I went to sleep. I’m still working out the kinks of blogging daily (or nah) and freelancing (which has picked up, yay!) and mommying (which I’m doing sans Bean’s Daddy for this week) and managing 9-5 work stress. Phrew.

Ya girl is tired.

I hope to get my act back together shortly, because I have so much to write and rant about and I can’t wait to share it with you guys.

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Thursday Link Love Truly Tafakari

#ThursdayLinkLove: The Black History Month Edition

What’s good, fam? I started out the week feeling like sandbags were tied to my ankles. God bless modern medicine (and by “modern,” I mean lemons, honey, and hot tea). Toddlers are good for breathing in your face and getting you sick, if nothing else. Even though I spent much less time on the Internet because I needed my sleep, I still got #ThursdayLinkLove goodies for you! Like to hear it? Here it goes…

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5 more must-have tees sweatshirts black women

5 MORE Must-Have Graphic Tees + Sweatshirts Celebrating Black Women

Last year, I shared six great graphic t-shirts celebrating the brilliance and beauty of Black women. To my surprise, that post has become the second-most popular post on the blog! I also asked you guys to shout out your favorite indie t-shirt designers in the comments. I got so many good suggestions I decided to write this follow-up and share some more graphic tees. Only this time, I’m including sweatshirts because it’s cold!

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20 things you didn't know about me

#TellMeTuesdays: Twenty Twen Twen Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I am usually all business around these parts what with the talking about racial issues and marriage. You’d think I wasn’t a goofy girl at heart. One of my goals for Truly Tafakari this year was to be more personable. I come across reasonably well through my writing (so I’m told). But I don’t let you guys know who I am or what I think about things beyond the rant for the day. So it’s fun day today! I am taking a get-know-you survey I like to call Twenty Twen Twen Things You Didn’t Know About Me.

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