Darren Wilson murdered Michael Brown

Thoughts on Waiting for a Non-indictment of Darren Wilson

At this point, we know Darren Wilson won’t be indicted for the murder of Michael Brown. Everything points to it: Governor Jay Nixon called for a State of Emergency today; he held a press conference last week warning “protesters” that violence would not be tolerated; the police has leaked strategic “evidence” claiming to position Brown as the aggressor. Darren Wilson is going to walk. Literally.

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Rog Walker Solange Wedding photos

Why I Can’t Stop Gushing About Solange’s Wedding Photos

Forget Kim Kardashian. Solange Knowles (Ferguson?) broke the Internet on Sunday in a good way for every #CarefreeBlackGirl in the world. Now ya’ll know I don’t usually go gaga over celebrities. I’m only somewhat of a Solange fan, having bought her Solange and the Hadley Street Dreams album a few years back. But the photos (taken by Rog Walker) released from her November 16 wedding to video director Alan Ferguson are AH-MAZING.

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Black Baby White Baby

Is It Okay My Black Child Has No White Friends?

My daughter loves White people. Or, rather, she is a tiny human being who loves every person she meets, including White folks. She especially likes to walk over to the nearest toddler in the vicinity and personally give them a hug. (Awkward for parents;, cute for kids). She is friendly, but I realized the other day that Bean doesn’t actually have any nameable White friends.

And that’s chiefly her parents’ fault.

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pumpkin spice

Drinking Delusion with My Pumpkin Spice Latte

Can you recall the disappointment you felt the first time you realized that a fat White man did not in fact sausage himself down a nasty chimney for your Black behind? Hold that disgust in your mouth for a moment. That is the precise feeling I experienced when I learned that all the pumpkin spice items for sale right now…don’t actually contain any pumpkin. I was floored.

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write a think piece, save a life

Read This Before You Write Your Next Thinkpiece

I have been trying to write about the hit sitcom Black-ish for weeks. Three weeks, to be exact. Every time I look up at the calendar, it’s Wednesday again and I have not posted anything anywhere about the show. But I have about 1,200 words written on it. And all 1,200 of those words stink. Last week, something new and unheard-of occurred to me: I don’t actually have to write about the show. Sometimes, the best thing you can do with your think piece is never publish it.

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dear white people angry

Why Dear White People Made Me Uncomfortable

Dear White People and the cast of “militant” Black characters tell painful truths I’ve been too afraid to say about race. Oh, sure, I write about race and racism all the time; the tagline of this blog is Life + Race + Culture, right? But by and large, I approach race from a theoretical standpoint. I say “white supremacists.” I say “racists.” But I have long been too indirect to come out and tell White people, the identifiable White people in my life, when they overstep. For me, Dear White People presents the question: What if I confronted the White people I know (and love) with the instances in which they make me feel angry, Othered?

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32 Things You Can Do to Turn Up On My Birthday

On this day, 32 years ago, my mama gave birth to a 3-lb, 11 oz brown dumpling of a baby girl. I came out full-term but I wasn’t fully baked. Doctors stuck me underneath an incubator for a few more days, and I have never quite given up my predilection for warmth and sunlight since. Because I’m so small, I celebrate my birthdays loudly…you will deal.

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