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Slanging: #BlackTwitter Cool is a White Marketing Tool

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Black people should feel like the most flattered demographic in America. Black culture is where White America goes shopping for Halloween and “slumming” to sow its wild oats. This appropriation extends to marketers looking for inroads into a community whose buying power is touted but whose lives are dispensable. Well, I, for one, am tired of Black culture carelessly being used to market any and everything, especially to Black people. Black culture–or any subsection thereof–is often a punchline in the hands of White people who consume culture without investing in or producing it.

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7 Fabulous Black Women Web Designers I Love

Web design is a very White, male space (as are most things tech-related). If you want to support tech professionals who are neither male nor White, you have to be very deliberate about it. So how do you find Black women web designers? It can be a struggle locating creative Black women within this tiny sphere where women are already hard to find. Until I started deliberately looking, I couldn’t name any Black women web designers after months of perusing. And even with Google those names are no picnic to unearth. With all the above said, I challenged myself to find Black women web designers whose work I admired. Why? I never need a reason to love on Black women; I am one.

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A Few Reasons I Don’t Make My Husband’s Plate

October has finally made its glorious appearance in 2014, which means the holiday season is nearly upon us. Usually I love the holidays because I get to see my extended family. But that also comes with some anxiety because…I get to see my extended family. And if you’re ever around Southern women at a gathering with food, you will see someone scooping yams onto their man’s plate. That someone is not ordinarily me.

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